The Stand Up & Dance Desk

Feet connected to the floor, heels raise to the beat as hips sway, and rise up and down, left and right… There is a pulse, a rhythm a beat that my body drives its momentum through.. In and out my heart throbs with the ripple in the room… Electronic Dance Music permeates the space, as I stand up at my desk and dance.

My studio is filled with the landscapes of sound, fragrance, color and feeling of my choice. The vibe is on high, as I breathe, dance and articulate through the art of my creations to give to life.

Hello World. Finally, I am able to write, right here. Sabo & Goldcap play on the sound system behind me, the beats rumble into the cells, vitalizing my being, my experience, and the momentum of my productions.. I am here! I am awake! And I am working from home at a stand-up desk, dancing in relief that I may now fully enter this zone of creation, in a truly articulately embodied way. I neigh in excitement inside my body for this time, with the sounds, the beats, the pulse coursing through me, I have room to experience and express the currents of life’s movements that want to utter through me.

Designer, Dancer, Lover, Maker,Technological Dreamer and Transformation Artist, I have been envisioning worlds that we can live with and by, studying experience, technology, creation.. How to bring them through.. I did not know. For I have a back condition that makes working on the computer for long hours of time a challenging experience. And, so, thus, I have ran from the digital works again and again, in search of healing and finding a new home.

As nomadic explorer and journeyer of life, I have discovered many experiences along my travels.. And now I bring the elixir home that I have found on my Hero’s Journey.

As the digital worlds welcome me saying, YES WE WANT YOU HERE and they call to me saying, “bring your ideas, your vision, your work, your capacity to create new worlds alive, for your experience wants to be heard, to be seen, this knowledge wants to be known and experienced by fellow journeyers welcoming a new earth.”

Ok then, so I’ve heard the calling for a long time. Deep breath. Now, how do I do this? I just can’t sit down for too long, it hurts my back, it gives me anxiety, and due to several circumstance including finances, the way to relieve the discomfort in my body so I may make my creations in my silo, where ever I was, was not found, until now. In meditation, breathwork, yoga and dance, there is always temporary relief and hope for final relief of the pain I was living through for decades. I am sure there are others who feel like this, and thus I tell my story, for perhaps it sings true for you too, and you will want a stand up desk. I will share more… When I sit, to do, to act, to make on the computer, I just must get up and dance, live life, hop around, and thus I had yet to complete igniting my digital creations… I may sit for a moment, and then the momentum is lost, my eyes go cross-eyed, I get lost in windows and confused, notifcations bleep at me, colleagues want my time, and I enjoy theirs too.. and so often.. I just must lay down, and meditate, to relieve the pain, the din, the chaos.

I wonder what it’s like to work at an office when you feel like this. It’s been so long for me. Like at the Google campus office you can go to the mini-laydown station where you may sit in your own enclosed space, and have your head to yourself. It’s similar to an immersion tank, yet you are sitting up and donning a space suit sitting station with a large helmut that you put your head in, to keep the sounds out, the visuals, and have your own head space, literally. To have your head space amongst the hustle and bustle of the office is a deep need many of us have. And now that we’re Working From Home, it’s a whole other experience. I have worked remotely or on the land for years (zig-zagging through both experiences) and I’m happy to create my own environment, yet it hadn’t worked, until, I stood up to dance..

I just can’t sit down and be still, hush and not let my body move. And when I want to get away, from too much input from people, I may want to lay down to take a real nap, or go on an inner journey to emerge with the creative impulse I may bring through to developing life systems.

I am so happy, to listen to music, and dance at my stand up desk, that I am writing this as an intro to my new work mode!

In your Work From Home experiences, I invite you to have a stand up desk that you may dance and work at too, if you don’t already…..

At a stand up desk, there may be moments of stillness, moments of joy, moments of dance, and moments of deep gazing at the screen.

What’s your momentum when you work and how may you create an environment that is conducive to your creations?

Going through the creative process is like an up and down, and all around phenomenon that cannot be constrained to sitting behind a laptop in any one position whatsoever…

Our bodies are dynamic, our heart rates variable, our breath goes in and out in all kinds of rhythmic modes and formats and they match our creative impulses.

How can you give your creations the life experiences they crave at the same time as efficiently, joyfully making works that will help the world live vitally. If you’re living vitally in your work, it will be felt in the manifest product of it. Bring your spirit through all of it, every ounce, every bit of it!

Being a dancer who didn’t make dance my career, I chose the intellectual pursuits of philosophy, psychology, sociology, technology and design.. so I sat behind the computer for days, hours, weeks and years upon a time.. I have had many nomadic travels for experience and healing dappled with entire careers in systems and interface design, digital storytelling, research and strategy for start-ups… and so many ideas came and passed through my life experiences that I wished to publish in some way or form..,

Having been a telecommuter for a long time, sitting in my silo in multiple desk, cafe tables, coffee tables, bed and beach bed sitting environments, I would often have to get up and stretch, move my body, get out and go, or lay down and rest.. forgetting what I had open on my computer, and feeling incapable of finishing it. Because it hurt my body, and it was so uncomfortable to pull through. I would get tired and I would dream of the worlds I was missing, the worlds of dance, socializing flirting, and loving, and I’d have a deep sense of feeling left out.

So I’d dive in to dance, dive into dreams and have revolutionary, evolutionary moments.. with myself.. and I so.. dearly want to share them…

In these deep dive creationary moments, as soon as I got up from my spot where I feel into the creativity, as soon as I finished dancing the experience alive in me, as soon as I finished my bath, dried off and brushed my hair.. the communications I’d been channel, the design, the idea, the momentum, was gone, fleetingly escaping back ito the subconscious realms.. This made me sad, how could I offer the treasures of these experiences as an inspiration? When these amazing moments of epiphany came through the life of me, and I didn’t find a way to share, it was an entire piece of my life’s work lost to me and those whose hearts may sing from it.. The manifest fruition of an offering, a product, a service, a communication was unavailable for the people who may be seeking what comes through me as an artist of expression. Given, it did take me a long time to realize it was valuable, I know this now..

The life that has percolated in near explosive creativity out of me, sizzling, whizzing and whirring inside of me had been hoping to find its way home to an awakening… A lucid dreaming of an artful articulation that pulses through me in the rhythm of my life’s expression, has been found.

So here I am, writing, an article about my experiences, so I may move on and make more for us to come alive to. It’s coming through me now, I have the momentum to bring this through, I have sat on a stool, and I get up and dance again and again, I take deep breaths, and I can feel the momentum coursing though me, into this world, of digital black figures on a white background, the symbol of language.. communicating.. to you.. the reader…. And soon, I will again do some yoga, go on a dancing walk, record more guided meditations, and draw up some information on project that I’ve been create Technology of Self, and record an interview of a colleague on this subject….

At this point, I can no longer say my work takes me away from my dance, and I can no longer say, I can’t do the work because my body aches… In fact, my work space with my stand up and dance desk now embraces the momentum and readies my body for the next dance excursion with the friends I feel at home with, and even better, I will have some work that I’ve proudly, and comfortably, completed that I may now share with them.

NOW.. standing up.. I’m enlivened for this to be my first writing, to speak about the glories of a stand up desk!!

We are musical beings.. awaiting to dance our lives awake.. to remember the beat, to remember the harmony within, to connect with the life waves of our internal pulses, rhythms and rhymes. We are here to make beneficent impacts on the worlds around us and beyond. We are here to thrive for the next 7 generations. And we are here to enjoy bringing that experience alive.

In peace, joy, love and all that jazz, we’ve got this..

So, let’s dance at our desks in our home studios!!

  • No more slumping for hours on end over the keyboard and monitor.
  • No more boredom staring at the wall wishing you were in momentum.
  • No more incompletions because your inner world is toxic..

1. Play your favorite music

2. Connect with yourself and the spirit of your creations

3. Stand up at your desk and dance

4. And from there.. connect with your passion, your work and others.

May your work, your creations and your offerings be ignited with joy.

I am D. Aurora Love, and I am working on media and technology projects to help us come alive with this new world we are creating together. I do talks on the Techology of Self, and I teach meditation and I offer workshops on the Alchemy of Dance and Attunement of the Inner Self. And I’ve been dreaming up and planning for ways for the world to come alive through us for many, many years…

Tune in for some of my Guided Meditation Experiences and Journeys on YouTube at Lotus Love Dreams. and for Talks on the Innovations humanity through TECHNOLOGY OF SELF!!

Thanks for reading. We’ve just started. May you enjoy the currents of life that run through in resonances with your heart’s dreams of life lived in honor of your spirited self!

Thank You to my dear friend and brother from another mother, Steve for helping me make the functionality of a stand-up desk, as well as a room in your home during these Stay At Home times of Earth Vitality Remembering.

Digital Nomad. Mindfulness Teacher. Philosophy Coach. Transformation Artist. Futurist. Alchemist. Imagineer. Designer. Writer. Lover. Grateful.